Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

Margaret PETERS
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    I am not a real "photographer" but to have left my family early to go to study, I found this way to share with them and the ones I love, what I live and see. Moments & “frozen” instants, which sometimes reveal the feelings experienced. It's not always possible to be with those we love, to eat with them, to see them and live the same moments but there is often a way to exchange with them and share stories. And it’s important to maintain this precious connection.
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    Canon or nikon?
    When it comes to photos, what matters to me is what it conveys. Not the number of pixels or the number of settings that allowed me to obtain such a result. Well ... let's admit it: I fall for the Lumix DMC bridge by Panasonic! I had my first one in 2006 when I went to Toronto for studying. And my friends bought me a new one for my 30 years old birthday in 2018.
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    On the internet, I don't hide anything. Is it stupid? I assume that everything on the internet may one day be public. I like to keep my personal space but also to express myself on what is important to me, movees me or revolts me, indignant me or encourages me to get involved. I am true in my expressions because you have no interest in discovering someone that I am not ... and I have no interest in being another. "All that we are is the result of what we have thought."
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    After more than 18 months of reflection and in agreement with my former boss, I left my job at the end of July 2019 to go on roads less travelled. It was a trying but rich experience. Until then, I had never stopped working, and moving from a very addictive and challenging job to dedicated time to (re)discover yourself and learn what you can't find in books and stories...it's something! Today, back in Europe a little earlier than expected (coronavirus impact), I am more appeased than ever and happy to be back on the road to formalized work, and excited to discover new environments, new challenges and colleagues. If you think of me for a position, please, do not hesitate to contact me!

Bertrand DORAT

Geneva & 香港

Multidisciplinary lover, from Idea to Execution


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