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Christmas time in London!

Thank your @marinette_biscuitsbavards for this delicious #biscuitsbavards ! #backtoblue

Christmas is calling in London #christmastime

Enjoying #chardonnay in South Africa! Life is a gift!

An evening in WanChai

Night walk in Milano

When it’s too hot, the best idea is to hide under the fan …


On the island

Gatwick Airport

Paris is a village

Painting village

Incense & people

From the Mount GuanYin

Daily life

Cooking like a Hunan guy

From the inside

ShenZhen Park

ZhaoDao ZiJi


No word

Female evolution?

Fresh fish

Meditation & Tiger Leaping Gorge

Somewhere between Xingping and Yucun

XingHu Lake


Turning 27 today…

City of Dubrovnik

Nap in the shade

Inside the Park Pepinere

Somewhere in FuYang

Gleanning the wheat

Old train tonight


Pyramide du Louvre

Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France

Hot Summer in London

Escalier ancien

FeiLai 飞来 & FeiXia 飞霞

Aquarium de la Rochelle

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